Founded in 1948 by Helmut Dörre, the current Elektro Antriebs Service (EAS) has now been part of the Vogelsang Group for 25 years and today reliably supports numerous medium-sized customers in machine repair, maintenance and overhaul.

Varied history

Even before Dörre took over on October 27, 1998, the tradition-rich company could look back on around 50 years of eventful history. Soon after its foundation in 1948, the workshop moved from Wasserstraße to Wohlfahrtstraße - where, after the death of the founder Helmut Dörre, the company was continued by his son Rainer Dörre until 1980 - later under the name Elektromotorenbau und Reparaturwerk H. Dörre. Manfred Sommerkamp then took over the company and changed its name to Elektromotoren Dörre GmbH. After a successful decade of steady growth, the then 20 or so employees moved to the newly built site in the Rombacherhütte industrial park. In addition to the local steelworks, Opel was one of the main customers. After years of continuously receiving interesting orders, the era of the Spanish manager José Lopez at Opel was followed by a lean period. This led to an intensification of the business relationship between Dörre and Vogelsang - the two had already worked together in the mid-1990s in the area of repairing smaller machines.

Dörre becomes part of the Vogelsang Group

In 1998 the time had come: Elektromotoren Dörre GmbH with its then 14 employees slipped under the umbrella of BEW - and thus of the Vogelsang Group - and was renamed Elektro Antriebs Service (EAS).
renamed Elektro Antriebs Service (EAS). The idea at that time: While EAS was to specialize in the repair/maintenance of small and medium-sized machines, Vogelsang took over the orders for larger motors as well as special machines.

A strategy that has proven to be "spot on" to this day. With good equipment and independent management, EAS has been able to make itself more and more independent of Vogelsang over the years. In the meantime, approx. 25 employees work for EAS at Rombacherhütte and the cooperation of both companies under the umbrella of BEW ranges from cooperation in the repair of engines to the joint training of employees.

We say: Congratulations on 25 years of EAS!